At the Sequoia Project, we’re inspired by the 81 year old globetrotter who took a fall in Indonesia — a man whose first thought going down was whether he was done traveling abroad for good. 

Back home, the octogenarian dutifully rehabbed his ankle. He started with short hikes, working up to two miles per day. He realized he'd shed five pounds. His high blood pressure normalized. At age 82, he's jetting off to far lands again. 

Getting to 80 in good health may require some luck, but lifestyle choices are also a major factor in how it all plays outnot just at 80, but into one's 90s and even 100s.

What if you had centenarian wisdom at half the age? How powerful could that be? You already know that how you move, eat, and sleep affects how you feel. What you may not know is lifestyle habits can influence your risk for precursor conditions like inflammation, metabolic syndrome, pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, all of which can transform into serious illness with time, and change lives irreversibly. 

At the Sequoia Project, we feel strongly that taking care of your body and mind is about the long game. That what you're doing now will resonate for years to come

Our practice is designed to be small. Our mission is to support your health with durable, stepwise lifestyle gains, grounded in scientific evidence whenever possible, while providing highly personalized primary care for each member. It's a collaboration between patient and physician for the long run. 


Sequoia Sempervirens, also known as the coast redwood, is one of the world's longest-lived organisms. Sequoia are resistant to attack and infection, and individual trees have lived more than 2000 years.